September 4, 1996

Day 21 - north of Townsend, MT to Ft. Harrison

At 6:15 A.M., September 4, we left camp against such a strong wind, that we were compelled to walk almost every foot of the first nine miles. At 10 o'clock, however, the wind subsided and we began making excellent time, reaching Fort Harrison at 1 P.M.
- Military Cycling in the Rocky Mountains, Lt. J.A. Moss

"At 6:10 A.M. left for Helena against such a strong headwind that we had to roll our wheels nearly every foot of the first nine miles. Road so stony had to leave it and roll our wheels over unbroken ground. Reached Winston 8:30, Stopped 20 mins. About 10 o'clock wind subsided, and the roads being good, we put in good time. About two miles from East Helena stopped 30 mins. at a ranch. Reached Helena 11:50. Stopped at Currah's bicycle shop until 12:30, when we left for Fort Harrison, reaching the Post at 1 P.M.. Distance travelled 38 miles; time of actual travelling 5: 1/3 hours."
- Report from Lt. Moss to Adjutant General, Oct. 10, 1896 [National Archives, R.G. 94 Box 346 46363-46575]

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