September 7, 1996

Day 24 -North of Avon to near Sunset, MT

"...after a good nights rest [we] entered Washington Gulch early the next morning. We made good headway until 9 o'clock, when a violent headwind came on and continued the rest of the day. However, in spite of this wind and a large number of small hills, up which we were compelled to roll our wheels, by 7:30 that evening we had covered a distance of 70 miles. That night we slept in an old shack, whose friendly shelter served us a good turn, for about 12 o'clock a heavy rainstorm came up and continued until daylight...."
-Military Cycling in the Rocky Mountains, Lt. J.A. Moss

"Sept. 7th: Left ranch 6 A.M.. Good deal of up grade work for first few miles. Reached Washington Gulch 8 A.M. Stopped 15 mins. to oil wheels. Roads fine. Put in excellent time until about 10 o'clock, when a strong head wind came up. Reached Helmville 10:45. Stopped 15 mins. Blowing a gale--almost impossible to ride. Reached Big Black Foot at 12:10 P.M. Stopped here until 1:30 for lunch. Reached Ovando 4 P.M. Stopped 15 mins. Reached Cotton Wood 5:10. Stopped 30 mins. to shoot at ducks in pond near by. Crossed the Clear Water River 6:30 P.M. Stopped 25 mins. at hotel near bridge to get flour, sugar and crackers. At 7:30 P.M. reached a ranch where we stopped for the night. Distance travelled, 70 miles; time of actual travelling 10 1/2 hours.
- Report from Lt. Moss to Adjutant General, Oct. 10, 1896 [National Archives, R.G. 94 Box 346 46363-46575]

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