March 27, 2009

Day 2 - Mission, MT to Lake McDonald, MT

At 11 o'clock the next morning we left for Lake McDonald. With good roads and few grades we made fine time until we took a short cut through a rough, hilly and grassy field. Nearly all this distance we were compelled to walk. After leaving the field we followed a stony and little traveled road almost 2 miles, through thick woods, when all at once we beheld an opening before us and there stood at our feet Lake McDonald, a body of water about one mile long and one-half mile wide.
Among the many beautiful lakes in this region Lake McDonald stands without a peer. It is a little gem. Hemmed in by colossal mountains whose tops tower into cloud-land, its sleepy waters abound with delicious trout and two or three of the soldiers who brought lines along caught them as nearly as fast as they could pull them out. Although in the heart of the mountains, 63 miles from the post, and carrying our rations on bicycles, we lived much better than soldiers do on ordinary practice marches, when the provisions are carried in wagons. Our supper consisted of biscuits, bacon, corn, coffee, condensed mil, trout and prunes.
- Lt. James A. Moss, Military Cycling in the Rocky Mountains, pg. 16-17

[McDonald Lake photo from Die Offiziel Website von Kris Schock: The Mission Mountains - thanks Kris!]

[Moss called McDonald Lake, Lake McDonald. This can cause confusion in modern times since Lake McDonald is the lake in Glacier Park - not the lake the Corps rode to]

[McDonald Peak photo from Picasa Web Albums McDonald Creek and Lake album- thanks to "Mike"]

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