August 14, 1996

Preparing for Trip to Yellowstone

Immediately upon our return from Lake McDonald we began making preparations for a trip to Yellowstone Park.
The following is a list of the rations, cooking utensils, etc., with which we started out:
RATIONS -- 5 lbs. prunes, 25 lbs. flour, 14 lbs. sugar, 4 lbs. ground coffee, 16 lbs. bacon, one and a half cans syrup, weight 18 lbs., four cans baking powder, one box pepper, three cans milk, 5 lbs. rice, two cans jelly, three cans deviled ham, 10 lbs, bologna sausage, one jar extract of beef, two cakes of chocolate, four cans corn, six cans beans, 5 lbs. salt.
MEDICINE -- One bottle Jamaica ginger, one box C.C. pills, one box quinine pills, one box camphor pills, one bottle Squib's mixture.
TOOLS, REPAIRING MATERIAL, ETC. -- Three hatchets, one piece of leather, fifty feet quarter-inch rope, one ball twine, one roll tape, seventy-five rubber plugs, one cold chisel, one rivet hammer, one spool copper wire, five Spalding repair kits, one box elastics, chain lubricant, bicycle oil, tire and rim cement, one spoke grip, one screw-driver, one file, one foot pump, one large monkey wrench.
TENTS, BLANKETS, UNDERWEAR, ETC. -- Twelve shelter tent halves with poles, fie rubber blankets, candles, matches, tobacco, dish rags, soap, wiping cloths, thirteen blankets. Every soldier has supplied with the following articles: Two pair summer socks, one pair winter socks, one pair summer drawers, one pair winter drawers, one toothbrush and powder, two handkerchiefs, one cake soap, one towel, one meat can, one knife, one fork, one spoon, one tin cup, one knapsack, one haversack. Every other soldier carried one comb and brush.
COOKING UTENSILS -- Three dripping pans with covers, oen patented baker, one large coffee pot, one large tin boiler.
ARMS AND AMMUNITION -- Every other man carried a rifle, belt and thirty rounds of ammunition. Those not so armed carried a revolver, belt and thirty cartridges.
THE UNIFORM -- We all wore ordinary skin gloves, campaign hats, leggins, ordinary blouse, trousers and shoes, and dark blue flannel shirts.
EXTRA PARTS, TIRES, ETC. -- Ten spokes, ten nipples, two cyclometers, one pair tires, two pedal cranks, one Christy saddle, three seat springs, one rear axle, one front axle, one rear cone, one front cone, one crank shoulder, two pedals, one chain, thirty steel balls, ten chain links and bolts.
PERSONAL EFFECTS -- One sweater, one 4 x 5 kodak, one note book, seven extra rolls film, writing paper, stamps and envelopes, one razor, shaving brush and hand mirror.
The corps presented the following weights:

NAME Weight of Wheel Personal Weight Total
Lieutenant Moss 67 135 202
Sergeant Green 84 162 246
Corporal Williams 84 155 239
Musician Brown 70 148 218
Private Findley 86 186 272
Private Johnson 83 152 235
Private Proctor 85 152 237
Private Haynes 82 162 244
Private Forman 76 165 241

Average 79.7 157.4 237.1

- Lt. James A. Moss, Military Cycling in the Rocky Mountains, pg. 21-23

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