August 21, 1996

Yellowstone Day 7 - Three Forks, MT to close to Livingston, MT

Distance travelled: 51 miles
Winds: Slightly with us
Grades: Nearly all up
Weather: Fair
Condition of roads: Good
Actual travel time: 7h
Rate per hour: 7.3- mph
- Lt. J.A. Moss Report to the Adjutant Synopsis of the Trip

The next morning at 7:30 we were on the road again and at 1:30 P.M. reached Bozeman, the metropolis of the Gallatin Valley, a wide, level stretch of country, with immense fields of oats and barley.
The corps attracted a great deal of attention as we rapidly glided through the streets of this Western town. The sight of a squad of soldiers on wheels, carring [sic] their rations, guns, tents, etc., was indeed novel, and people rushed to the doors and windows to see us. During our stop of three hours on the outskirts of the town many people visited our camp.
Soon after leaving Bozeman we passed old Fort Ellis, now an abandoned relic of those by-gone days, when the spirit of civilization began its onward march through the grand forests, the fertile valleys, and the great mountains and the beautiful rivers of this glorious West.
At 5:45 P.M. we reached Rocky Canyon, a narrow, deep gulch with tremendous rocky cliffs on either side. Traveling about five miles through this Canyon we then turned to the right and began making directly for the summit of the Gallatin Range. About 7:30 we reached a ranch fifty-one miles from our last camp. The night was getting cool and chilly and we gladly availed ourselves of the ranchman's kind offer to sleep in his hay shed. We were now about two miles from the summit.
- Military Cycling in the Rocky Mountains, J.A. Moss

Aug. 21. Left Three Forks 7:30 A.M.. At 8:55 delayed 20 mins. replacing broken seat spring and wrapping weak place on a tire. Reached Manhattan 9:20: stopped 20 mins. to get crackers and meat. Reached Central Park 10:15 A.M. Delayed 10 mins. pumping tires. Reached Belgrade 11:30. At 12:05 P.M. delayed 10 mins. to pump tire and fix puncture. About 12:30 delayed 30 Mins. [sic] to fix puncture. Roads very dusty in places. Reached Bozeman 1:30 P.M. Stopped here until 4:40 for dinner. After leaving Bozeman, it was decidedly up grade work. Reached Rocky Canyon 5:45. Very rough and hilly--appropriately named. About 6:25 delayed 15 mins. fixing puncture. At 7:30 reached a point 15 1/2 miles from Bozeman, where we stopped for the night. Slept in hay shed. Very cool and chilly night. Got fresh milk. Corpl. Williams and Findley, late reaching camp. Left Three Forks with a side wind, but greater part of day wind to our backs for the first time, except Thursday evening, when we couldnt ride on account of stones. Distance travelled during day 51 miles; time of actual travelling 7 hours.
- Report from Lt. Moss to Adjutant General, Oct. 10, 1896 [National Archives, R.G. 94 Box 346 46363-46575]

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