April 5, 2009

Pvt. Elwood Forman

Pvt. Forman was not in the Minerva Terrace photo

Elwood Forman is shown (left) in his baseball uniform (from Nankivell, Buffalo Soldier Regiment, pg. 165).
He played on the regimental team for the 25th in the early 1890s.

Foreman rode on both the Yellowstone ('96) ride and the St.Louis ('97) run.

"The soldiers who compose the Corps were selected from among 40 volunteers, and are bubbling over with enthusiasm. They are all colored men and about as fine a looking and well-disciplined lot as could be found anywhere in the United States Army. They take pride in the uniform, are respectful, obedient, and have implicit in their white officers. This last fact is well illustrated by an incident that happened last summer while we were going through Yellowstone Park on our bicycles. A member of the Corps upon whose face the map of Africa is most unquestionably stamped; was lazily sitting against a tree smoking his pipe and with one eye closed and the other half opened was amusing himself making smoke rings. A tourist who came strolling along asked him, "Where do you expect to go today?" To which he answered, "De Lawd only knows-- we're following de Lieutenant!"
- James A. Moss 2nd Lieutenant, 25th U.S. Infantry
Daily Missoulian Military Purposes, June 19, 1897

Register of Enlistments
Elwood Forman was born in Montgomery County, Maryland in January, 1867. He enlisted at Washington D.C. on June 13, 1889. He was a "laborer" with black eyes, black hair and brown complexion (black in 1899 R of E). He was 5' 8" tall. He was discharged June 1894 at Fort Missoula, Montana was a character rating of "very good".

The 1894 Register of Enlistments tells us he enlisted at Fort Missoula on June 14 for five years. He was discharged June 13, 1899 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona with the rank of corporal. His character rating was "excellent."

Forman was injured (i.e. "punctured") in the left forearm July 2, 1898 while fighting in Cuba in the Spanish-American War.

The 1899 Register of Enlistments tells us Forman enlisted on June 14, 1899 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. He was 32 years old, and a soldier. This record confirms that Forman died April 22, 1901 in Manila, Philippines of acute pulmonary tuberculosis. He was a corporal.

Census of 1900
Forman was at the U.S. Army General Hospital in Presidio, San Francisco, California. The birthplaces of his parents are not given. He is listed as being single.

Forman died April 22, 1901 of tuberculosis while serving in the Philippines.

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