April 5, 2009

Pvt. William Proctor

cropped from Bicyclists on Minerva Terrace; photo by F. Jay Haynes - used by permission of Montana Historical Society-unauthorized use prohibited

Proctor rode both summers.

1894 Register of Enlistments:
On November 7, 1894, William Proctor enlisted at Washington, D.C. He was born in Anacostia, Washington D.C., June 1876. His occupation was listed as "driver". He was discharged November 11, 1897 from Fort Missoula as a private. His character was rated "good".

1897 Register of Enlistments:
William Proctor enlisted November 16, 1897 in Washington, D.C. He is described as having brown eyes, black hair and having a light colored complexion. His occupation is listed as "soldier", he stood 5' 8 1/2" tall and he was assigned to the Ninth Cavalry. He was discharged November 15, 1900 at Camalig, Philippines as a corporal. His character was listed as "excellent".

Age at Enlistment: 21/5
Occupation: soldier
Eyes: "1

Hair: blk
Complextion: cd light
Height: 5 8 1/2
Regiment: 9 Cav
Co: G
2 B 25 Inf 11/6/97 Discharged Nov. 15, 1900 Camaliq Enfer of Service Corpl. "Excellent"

In his baseball memoirs, Dalbert Green states that "October 1909, found the regiment in the United States again; Headquarters, Staff and Band Companies A, B, C and D, at Fort Lawton, Washington. Companies E, F, G, H,I, K, L and M, at Fort George H. Wright, Washington".
The regimental baseball team at Fort Lawton, Washington "was very successful in games around Seattle... and adjoining towns". Green reports that he was assisted by Sergeant B. Proctor, who was also a "regimental star".
- Buffalo Soldier Regiment, John H. Nankivell pg. 169
[Could this be William Proctor and the "B" stand for Bill? In 1900 he was a corporal and with Company B in the 25th Infantry. I need to try to find an enlistment record to confirm or refute this]

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