April 5, 2009

Sgt. Dalbert P. Green

cropped from Bicyclists on Minerva Terrace; photo by F. Jay Haynes - used by permission of Montana Historical Society-unauthorized use prohibited

Sergeant Dalbert P. "Mickey" Green , Co. B(162 lbs.)
photo of Green in the Phillipines 1899

According to the Register of Enlistments 1902, Green was born in Washington D.C. in May 1865. He is described as being 5' 7 3/4" tall and having brown eyes, dark brown hair and a light brown complexion. This enlistment was made at Fort Niobarra, Nebraska. He was discharged August 26, 1905 with the rank of sergeant and character rated "excellent"

Green played baseball for the regimental team and wrote a history of it that covered the years 1894 to 1914. Green wrote, "As Captain of the team, I spent the happiest days of my life, and was proud of the honor of being a member of one of the scrappiest teams in the U.S. Army.... During my connection with the team it has played against players in different parts of the United States and foreign possessions, and who have become famous in both the National and American leagues, not mentioning the Minor Leagues at all.... Before the assignment of Colonel Andrew S. Burt...to the regiment it never had a regimental team."
- Buffalo Soldier Regiment, John H. Nankivell pg. 163

"An athlete, to be considered [for the regimental team], had to show soldierly qualities of the very highest type."
- Sgt. Dalbert P. Green
- from Green's Regimental baseball history in Buffalo Soldier Regiment, John H. Nankivell pg. 163

"In 1901 the 25th went to Manila. The city, said Green, was alive with regimental teams, and the 25th challenged all comers to games for 'money, marbles, or chalk, money preferred.' In a game for the championship of the islands..the 25th won..."
- Baseball, Harold Seymour pg. 589

"In 1901, when the 25th was sent to Manila for a month, the team issued a challenge in the Manila Times to play anyone--'For money, marbles, or chalk, money being preferred.' This braggadocio nearly came to a ruinous conclusion. The team entered a five-game competition with $500 at stake to win at least three--and lost their first two games. But, as Green informs us, they came back and won the last three."
- Black Baseball Out of Season, William McNeil pg. 53

"Adjutant 25th Infantry
Iba, Zambales, P.I. [Philippine Islands]

I have the honor to inform you that Regimental Commisary Sergeant Dalbert P. Green was recommended by me to receive a certificate of merit for meritorious services rendered near Bamban, Luzon, P.I., on Novembe 26, 1899, when he being alone with the driver of an escort wagon, and having no other arms than a revolver did compel the said driver to wait for two Americans and two Spaniards who were without arms, and who were being pursued by about thirty insurgents, and did by the use of said revolver stand off the insurgents while the above mentioned four men climbed into the wagon, upon which the driver was allowed to drive ahead and the party escaped.
The insurgents at the last moments being only about 30 yards away. Although not an eye witness to this occurrence, I immediately examined the available parties concerned and there can be no doubt that it took place as I have stated. The above recommendation having gone forward by wire, I request that a second recommendation be made in writing that this soldier may more surely receive the certificate which is certainly due him.
R.J. Burt
1st Lieutenant, 25th Infantry
Former R'g'mtl. Com'sy 25th Infantry
Headquarters 25th Infantry
Iba, Zambales, P.I.,
July 10, 1901
Respectfully forwarded to the Adjutant General, 3rd District, Department of Northern Luzon.

Approved and earnestly recommended. I investigated this matter at the time of its occurrence was convinced then and recall now. One of the four persons rescued was wounded.
In view of the fact that Sergeant Green by his great gallantry saved several lives I recommend that he receive a Medal of Honor.
A.S. Burt
Colonel, 25th Infantry

"Green joined the infantry during the 1890s and served through 1916"
- www.moaa.org/magazine/February2004/f_steeds.asp

Lots of information from Schubert's book On the Trail of the Buffalo Soldier II

GREEN, DALBERT P., Master Sgt,
25th U.S. Infantry, (Died September 28, 1941)(Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington Co., VA)

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